Reception: 1st May

This week in reception to continue our growing topic we have been looking at lots of different vegetables. We have used them for everything! As our focus story was Oliver’s Vegetables we linked this to finding out about our Grandparents and what we like to share with them. We have predicted what will happen to our variety of seeds we have planted in class. Our outdoor area has plants growing all around, and we are learning how to care for them. We have sorted, weighed and compared vegetables. We made our own basic salad and handmade fruit and vegetable kebabs! These were really enjoyable and we loved eating them and trying new things! We have used watercolours to carefully draw our own still life vegetables. The Chick Eggs arrived and hatched through the week, it was very exciting to watch. We were able to hold them and watch them run around the classroom (in an enclosed space!) Next week – Operation Chicks!