Reception: 18th April

This half term our topic is growing.
After settling back in from the Easter holidays we have been working hard planting beans and sunflowers. We dug over the flower beds and watered everything we could! We used watercolour paints outside to paint our own flowers and displayed them in the conservatory. We used beans to sort out the different varieties and transferred the information to a bar chart. We have shared the story Jaspers Beanstalk and lots of non-fiction growing books. The role play area has turned into a Garden Centre and the flowers out the front of school have been great for us to observe and use for our sketches. This week saw the start of our Woodland Garden, and RP were the lucky ones to visit first. We explored ‘the rules’ of the Woodland Garden and how to keep safe outside. Mrs.Warshawsky then had some exciting activities for us to do and we re-grouped at the end to have some reflection time about how we felt. It was a lovely calm way to end our busy week.