Reception: 24th March

This final week of our topic Travelling to the Land of Make Believe, we have been Prince and Princesses. We have learnt all about Royal Weddings and watched a few of them. We used these to practice our commentary skills! We wrote down a list of the key points we could see and then stood up with a microphone to be the royal commentator. We drew round our own foot and used this as a measuring tool, just like Cinderella’s slipper! We found it was very helpful with our skills of estimating- how many objects would fit inside our foot? We had so many lovely dressing up outfits from home and we ended our week with a ball. We made royal crowns and introduced ourselves at the ball entrance, “Introducing Princess……and Prince…..”. We invited the other classes to the ball by writing an invitation and waited for our reply. There were lots of chores to do like Cinderella and we practiced our Royal wave from the pretend balcony of Buckingham Palace. At the end of the week we celebrated Easter with our Easter Bonnet Parade, Parents Committee Easter Activity and Easter Egg hunt. It has been a great topic and we have learnt so much. Happy Easter Holidays 🙂