Reception: 6th March


Ahoy there! This week the whole year group have been ‘The Receptioneers’. We have learnt about Pirates old and new and discovered that Pirates can be girls too! Outside we made a Jolly Roger sail for our Pirate ship and some people had to walk the plank! We made up our own sailing the seven seas stories outside and acted them out using the pirate ship. So many lovely outfits came in from home which really added to our play, thank you. To help with our writing we sent a message in a bottle to year 5, who also wrote back to us! (We sent them through the ‘magic pipe system’ which connects our classrooms!) We wrote a sensory poem about a pirates life thinking about what they can smell, hear, see and taste – we decided that the pirates food and living space would probably be a bit smelly! We used coins from a treasure box to help with our weighing skills, ordering them according to their weight. The large weighing scales outside helped us to know what was heavier and lighter, or if it weighed the same. The range of books we have shared this week has been really exciting and enjoyed by everyone, even the one with Bogey-Bill and Burp-Boy Jake! All this plus telescopes, hats, flags and treasure making- we have had such a busy Pirating week.

Next week we travel through the Land of Make Believe to learn about Superheroes.