Reception: 27th February


Knock, Knock, let me in Grandma it’s the Big Bad Wolf!! This week we have been learning all about Alternative Fairy Stories and comparing them to the well-known stories we all know. We turned the house outside into the witches house from Hansel and Gretel, by making our own sweet treats out of creative materials and sticking them on. A few characters came knocking but I am quite sure that they all made it out safely! We had a building challenge outside to make the Three Little Pigs houses, and tried to predict which would stay standing after a visit from a few wolves!! We had great fun playing What’s the Time Mr. Wolf and this helped us to learn about o’clock and half past on our own clocks. We turned the role play area into a building site and made our own plans and drawings of how we wanted it to be, we were real architects! In small groups we made houses of straw, sticks and bricks and tried to blow them down-RP even had a fan to try and blow them down! We wrote our own Fairy Stories making sure we had a main character, a setting and decided whether our main character was good or bad. Our stories were great and some had mixed up characters such as A Big Bad Pig or a Kind Friendly Wolf. All of us enjoyed a beautiful Spring Walk looking for signs that Spring is on its way. We found buds, snowdrops and heard lots of birds-we even saw a Robin on the fence. Finally we celebrated World Book Day on Thursday and all came in dressed up as our favourite book character. The teachers were all different Mr. Men or Little Miss characters, and in the morning we had a catwalk show to display our impressive costumes. What a busy Fairy Tale Week we have had, onto Pirates next week, Avast Me Hearties!