Reception: 20th February

This week in reception we have been Witches and Wizards. We have been thinking about what jobs we would need to do, when we were a Witch or Wizard and how to cast spells upon each other (and our teachers!) We used some great vocabulary to make our own potions and thought of some exciting words for our spells. Some of our potions were a bit smelly but they certainly bubbled and fizzed in their cauldrons! There have been lots of great resources brought in from home which have helped us to get into character. Outside we made our own broom sticks to fly around the playground, we even had broomstick obstacle races! We had pots of spiders and eyeballs to help us estimate. We looked at the pot and estimated how many there were, and then we counted them out to see if we were close with our answer. We had magic wands and explored the classroom, to find out what our wand would pick up or move. How did our wands make objects move?? We enjoyed listening to so many lovely stories and these gave us so many great ideas for the week. Next week we will be discovering Alternative Fairy Tales .