Reception: 6th February

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For the last week of our Globetrotters topic, we have been ‘under’ The Sea, in Caves and in Tunnels. We shared the book The Tunnel/Le Tunnel which is about the channel tunnel in English and French! We had Madame Laws help to read the French story! Inside and out we had a ‘hole’ and a ‘cave’ for the children to use their imagination as to where they thought it would lead them. We used the Rainbow Fish to start our learning about money, by putting pennies on the scales and adding and taking away the pennies. We made tunnels inside and out, out of everything and tried to climb through them as best we could-some of us got stuck and needed help to get out! As we were learning about tunnels, we played outside, pretending to be Miners digging for coal and getting it up to the top of the tunnel. We had to work as a team to lift the bucket of coal! In the water tray we had coloured sea foam’ which was great fun-there were bubbles everywhere!! We used the lovely stories of Bright Stanley and the Cave Monster and Sharing a Shell, to help us learn about starting our story and having an interesting end, wondering what will happen next. We have looked at fiction and non-fiction books and had so many exciting things brought in from home too. In PE we have learnt the skills of dance and gymnastics, which has been really great. Globetrotter’s has been a really great topic and we have learnt so much, after half term we will be Travelling to the Land of Make Believe.