Nursery: 6th February

The children have used a book of nursery rhymes, props, chalks, textured numbers to act out the ‘Hey Diddle Diddle rhyme.

A fire station was mentioned, so we moved the house into the centre of their playground and the children wanted to create a fire engine to save the cat from the nursery rhyme.

The children were so enthusiastic, they chose recycling boxes, a quoit for the steering wheel. They decided they needed  a ladder, a hose and a roof and a blue chair was used for the driver’s seat. They wanted to paint their creation in red, using foil to stick onto the front for the sirens and lights.

As Valentine’s Day is next week, we have discussed in our group time, who we love in our family and why? We then had various activities linking to 2D shape, so we supported the children in drawing their own heart shape, which they cut out. The children were asked who they love and together we wrote the reasons, which ranged from ‘I love my family because they are beautiful and kind’ to ‘I love my whole family because I just do!’

They then decorated the hearts with 2D sparkly shapes, many recognising octagons, hexagons and diamonds.

We have decided that we will be making our fire station for next term…so watch this space!

We would like to wish you all a happy half term!


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