Nursery: 30th January

Our theme this week is learning about Incy Wincy Spider. Firstly, we introduced the nursery rhyme, which led onto reading the story The Very Busy Spider.

The children noticed that the spider wasn’t listening, describing that as unkind. We discussed good choices and how important it is to listen.

In our creative focus activities, the children constructed 3D shapes out or recycling items and from play dough. Some children noticed the link of spiders having 8 legs and as our sound of the week is ‘o’, that an octopus has 8 tentacles.

In child initiated play, the children wanted to count the sea animals in the water. Some decided they would like to dig in the soil in the mud kitchen area, hunting for buried treasure and instead finding a long wiggly worm!

Our children have shown what good, kind role models they are. They have shown this in various ways, by supporting their friends who are learning to ride a tricycle, or helping another to put on their coats! We are very proud of their team work and healthy relationships!

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