Reception: 23rd January

This week in reception we have been looking at China and bridges. We have looked at bridges for railways and made our own freight train line out of the train set. We used this to continue measuring height and length. Outside we made our own Chinese dragons and paraded around the playground, with Chinese celebration music to move to. We also did a Chinese ribbon dance to music! We have captured Chinese artistry ink work outside with large pictures and small brushstrokes. As we were looking at The Chengyang Bridge, in China, we focused on the three billy goats gruff as one of our stories. We turned our role play area into the bridge with the troll living underneath! We continued the theme outside and made our climbing frame into the trolls home and the goats had to try and get over without waking him up! To help us to recognise our 2D/3D shapes we put them in noodles and rice and had to guess by touch which one it was. In literacy we pretended to be a tourist in China and wrote information cards and postcards to our friends and family. We have had a fun filled learning week in China.

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