Year 4 Trip to Bletchley Park

Year 4 Trip to Bletchley Park – Tuesday 29th November 2016

We arrived at Bletchley Park at 10:15 and split into two groups. When we were in our groups we had a code breaking session done using five different ciphers. They were: Caesar, Morse, Atbash Cipher, Backwards Cipher and Pigpen. Each letter was found by breaking the code. The letters together spelt ‘Enigma Machine’. It took a year for the code breakers to break one code.

Alan Turing invented a machine called The Bombe. It was used to help crack the Nazi’s codes. There were one hundred and eleven wheels spinning around and when it finds a code it stops and a letter which it could be pops out the side. We saw this in motion and the guide explained how it worked. The letter we saw pop out was K.

Whilst Word War II was on the code breakers would never tell people what they were doing. They were afraid that people would tell the Nazis. People only found out years later when the war was over when scientists were working on it.

We went to the huts and saw lots of artefacts of the codes they worked on. The huts were small and cold and people worked for many hours alone in them. It was extremely hard work.

In the library there were old books from World War II and artefacts. The books looked very grand because the colours were black and brown. There were no pictures in the books. We got back on the coach and arrived at school at 3:00. We all loved the trip and learnt a lot.

By Iyioluwa