Reception: 5th December

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What a great Winter Wonderland term we have had in Reception! We started our topic with reading Big Bear ,Little Bear and exploring height and length. We discussed ideas for what we already knew about Winter Wonderland, including any songs and stories. As an experiment we wrapped ice in different materials to look at the changes. The ‘Betty and the Yeti’ storybook helped us to make our own rhyming sentences and we made ice holes to fish for numbers in. We made our own laughing mask to make the elders laugh, and investigated the Northern Lights which lead to some great artwork. There were penguins everywhere and we pretended to be a mummy and a daddy penguin taking turns looking after our egg. We enjoyed sharing lots of books such as The Emperors Egg and Little Penguin Lost. We started to look at how animals survive in the cold weather and discussed hibernation and migration. We learnt that some animals come to our country to get away from cold weather elsewhere! We programmed the Beebots to get to a nest using positional language, such as forward, back, left and right. When they reached their nest they could then hibernate. We pretended we were hedgehogs looking for food, water and shelter to help us get through the cold winter. To help us learn about animals we looked a non-fiction books and discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We even made our own information sheet with facts about hedgehogs! Our focus then turned to Snow and ‘What actually is Snow?’. We made our own snowflakes with various materials, making sure we followed the rule that each snowflake has 6 arms. We read lots of snowy stories such as Sam’s Snowflake and One Snowy Night. The Snowman story helped us with ordering and writing a beginning, a middle and an end of a story, and Stickman helped us with learning our seasons. All this plus rehearsing and performing our ‘Hopeless Camel’ nativity, making Christmas gifts and joining in with all the Christmas celebrations that Manor Lodge School holds. We have had such a fabulous time and enjoyed learning about the theme of a Winter Wonderland. We must say goodbye to this theme and move on to a new one in January, I wonder what it will be!