Nursery: 5th December

All  of the children were brilliant during their performance of the Christmas show. It was a huge success, with great concentration and singing from each child!

Thank you to all of the parents, carers and grandparents, who watched the concert and celebrated the children’s achievements!

The sound of the week is ‘j’ and we had some great examples brought in from home. The children have also created festive jumpers, with Mrs Adams, using colourful sprinkles and decorations.

Other activities this week are; using sparkly play-dough to create 3D shapes, looking at how to make snowmen and how many eyes and buttons each creation should have. Decorating our Christmas cracker cards and preparing our interest table, to celebrate Hanukah and Christmas.

Mr and Mrs Saffer very kindly shared their time, by reading a story about Hanukah. The children had the opportunity to look at various dreidels and a menorah. These are proudly displayed on our celebration table in the foyer. Thank you Mr and Mrs Saffer.

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