Playground Buddies


I am a playground buddy I have a green band and a badge with people laughing under a rainbow. My job is to sort arguments and find people at the friendship stop a friend. I volunteered because I don’t like seeing sad faces so I’m going to make all the sad faces into happy faces. When someone is sad it makes me feel sad as well because no one is doing anything about it. Well now I’m here to change that!

Jasmin Harris 4S



I’m a friendship buddy. When someone is alone and at the friendship stop. I either play with them or find them a friend. I have a green band and a badge. I like making people happy because they are all alone and I feel sorry for them. I like being a friendship buddy because I like to help people find a friend. I love to help people find a friend if they are at the friendship stop. People can make school happy.

Tia-Angeline Mitra 4S