Reception: 21st November

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We have had another busy, exciting week in Reception exploring Hibernation and Migration. We went outside and pretended to be Hedgehogs getting ready to Hibernate. We had to find tokens for food, water and shelter to be able to survive the winter. (Some of us went on a Hedgehog Poo hunt to see if any Hedgehogs were not hibernating yet!) We used the knowledge we had learnt to write an information sheet about Hedgehogs. Outside we made big art of animals that hibernate. Each class discovered which animals Hibernate and which animals come to England to get away from colder weather in other countries. We learnt about Snow and ‘What actually is Snow?’ and ‘How is Snow made?’. We used whatever materials we wanted to make our own Snowflakes and made sure they had six points like a real Snowflake. We had a Snowflake Art Gallery which visitors came to see. We have learnt so much this week.