Nursery: 14th November 2016

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This week we have had a wonderful time using the natural elements of outdoors. We have used autumnal objects such as leaves to create our own interpretations of a tree during this season.

Our sound of the week was ‘g’, we had many wonderful creations brought in to share for show and tell time!

We also had a visit from RS children, and we all enjoyed listening to the story of ‘The Gruffalo’, which was read to them outside at ‘The Talking Tree’.

This was great fun to explore around the tree, imagining the various characters were there in the wood, with the leaves rustling under their feet. We even found snake’s  log pile house made out of twigs and logs!

During child initiated play, some of the children decided to use glitter to sprinkle over the leaves as they counted them, creating lots of magic numbers!

Mrs Bloch kindly visited the Nursery and taught the children all about Hannukah. We investigated with a Menorah and a dreidel to find out why Jewish people celebrate this time and how.