Reception: 14th November

Week 9 in Reception

This week we have been enjoying using fish in ice holes, to help us add on one more or take away one less. We carried on our fishing outside for numbered fish, which we then put into the correct order. Although it poured with rain this week we still went outside and got a little bit wet! We tried to make a shelter from the rain and made the puddle smaller by trying to get the water out anyway that we could! No matter what the weather we still go out and enjoy our learning! We learnt about the Northern Lights, so had fun with torches and coloured plastic to make different colours shine on any surface we could find. We experimented with many different techniques, to produce art work of the Northern Lights including painting, chalking and marbling. In our cosy den we had a multi-coloured spinning globe which filled the area with light and was magical. As we had learnt about the Northern Lights, we each held our Diva Lamp with a light in it and had a moment of calm and enjoyed the atmosphere.

All of this, as well as practicing our Nativity it has been another very busy fun week


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