Year 1 had such a fantastic time on their school trip to St. Albans Abbey.

Once we arrived we took a walk around the grounds of the Abbey to view its splendour from the outside. We spotted the Rose Window and saw all it’s beautiful colours glistening in the sun.

Our first activity was to learn about all the different stained glass windows and find out the different stories depicted within the windows.

Then we made our own stained glass windows and used a light box to view them.

Matthew said, ‘I really enjoyed making the stained glass windows, they were beautiful.’

Our busy afternoon consisted of doing a senses trail around the church. We visited the Shrine to Alban and saw the Purbeck marble base which supports a modern red and gold canopy, under which rests a shoulder-blade, said to have come from the original relics of the saint’s body. We re-enacted the story of St. Alban and we impressed the Abbey staff with the children’s knowledge of Alban and his legacy.

We used our sense of touch to create some tile rubbings our sense of taste to sample some delicious chocolate eggs.

Taliesin said, ‘I loved eating the chocolate, it was crunchy and yummy!’

It was an enjoyable day and we can’t wait for our next adventure in Year 1!

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