Nursery: week 12th September

The children learnt about the sound ‘a’, creating pictures and bringing in objects.

At Nursery we provided multi-sensory activities linked to the sound.

Mrs Adams baked apple muffins with the children, discussing the sound, scribing the sound in flour, mixing and sharing giving the children the opportunity to work together.

We have focussed on 2d shapes, building with our construction resources and playing shape hunt games in the environment.

During P.E, our children were placed in teams, where they had to recognise colour, learning about team work and  praising their friends . The children also strengthened their hand-to-eye co-ordination, whilst running with a coloured animal to pass onto their friends 

To support the children in their well-being, we praise their positive choices, by giving the children gold leaves to display on our good deed tree!

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