First week at Nursery

5th-sept-no-01 5th-sept-no-02 5th-sept-no-03 5th-sept-no-04 5th-sept-no-05 5th-sept-no-06 5th-sept-no-07 5th-sept-no-09 5th-sept-no-10 5th-sept-no-11 5th-sept-no-12 5th-sept-no-13The children have settled beautifully in their first week at Nursery.


We have already made good friendships and getting to know where all our toys and resources live!


We have celebrated Manor Lodge’s 25th birthday, with a picnic and fun and games. Everyone had a wonderful time, we have created colourful balloons,  counting candles on our cakes made out of stickle bricks. 


We finished off a great week with story time from Mr and Mrs Saffer. It was a lovely afternoon,  thank you for sharing your time with the children, they were mesmerised.