School Council 2016-2017

Thursday 19th May was an exciting day for many candidates for the committee of the School Council  2016-2017.

Many children put themselves forward for nominations. Being a school councillor is a very responsible position but many children made speeches in front of their peers to convince them to win their vote. Their speeches explained why they would like to be a School Council member, which issues they think are important and how they will work to represent the ideas for their year.

The campaigns were very visible and active around the school throughout the week with many posters and badges. Each year group voted by secret ballot to elect one boy and one girl to represent their year on the school council. The ballots were collected and counted by Year 6 and the newly elected School Council members were announced at our Friday school assembly. Prior to the assembly Mr Dunn congratulated our two new presidents personally and reminded them of their future duties as councillors.

Congratulations to my new Councillors!

Our Presidents are Toby Ross & Isabelle Skaliotis

Year 4: Asa Stewart-Harris & Anouska Sood

Year 3: Luca Rebaudengo & Ellie Gergel

Year 2: Nicole Skaliotis & Jack Einhorn

Year 1: Sadie Craig  & Manny Jason

I look forward to meeting them all on Monday 4th July at 8am in the dining hall for our initial meeting and badge presentations.


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