Review of Flatford Mill Trip

We started off on our adventure outside Manor Lodge at 8 o’clock on a Tuesday morning. After ages waiting we finally saw the coach coming our way. Once parents had said goodbye (which took ages) we eventually hit the road.

The journey took one hour and by now everybody was fidgeting and getting slightly bored. After what seemed like years, we got there. However, after seeing Flatford for the first time, after lagging suitcases through the village we decided it was well worth the wait. For what was apparently the first time in history, our rooms were ready so we dragged our suitcases up yet another flight of stairs; swiftly followed by a trip to our new classrooms.  We started off by introducing ourselves with the first letter of our names turned into the first letter of an animal name e.g. Abigail the anaconda and Jamie the Joey. (We had a lot of trouble finding so many A names.) Then we did our activities, namely “a tour of Flatford”, setting mammal traps, then making our bedding; checking mammal traps (we found a vole and a wood mouse: they were extremely cute!); a six mile walk to the village and shelter building (where we got really soaked) and we all especially liked the movie night! It’s hard to sleep on the first night but you get used to it after a while.

The food at Flatford was really good and extremely nice, especially the breakfasts and the pizza and chips.  The lunch was  fun and quick to make and very appetizing. I very much doubt that the kitchen staff are reading this but if they are then we would like to thank them very much for all our delicious meals. We would also like to thank all the people who worked so hard to make our trip at Flatford a good one. (they definitely did ! ) THANK YOU SO MUCH (!) and we all agree we had a brilliant time and would love to come back.

By Abigail, Asa and Toby.

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