Cookery Club

We enjoy going to cookery club.  We get to cook different things every week.  Sometimes we get to take the food home on the day we make it, if not we get it the next day.  Every week we make something different.  The teachers who supervise us are Mrs Edwards and Mrs Johanson.  We do not always think we will like some of the ingredients which are in the meal we are making but many people come back the next day, like me, and say “Oh I actually liked it”.  We have to inform Mrs Johanson if we have any allergies to anything so that we can use different ingredients.   We have made appleberry crumble and cheese muffins.  At the end of the term, Mrs Johanson makes a book with all the recipes we’ve learnt so we don’t forget.

Sienna Patel and Isabelle Skaliotis