Year 3 Trip to St Albans Verulamium

On Wednesday 21 January Year 3 went to St Albans Verulamium. We have been learning about the Celts and the Romans this year. We looked round the museum and had to find out facts about Boudicca, what Romans did in their free time, how they made a living and about their farming. We enjoyed finding out about how the animals were used on the farms and looking at their coins. We were surprised to learn that the Celts had helped the Romans build their towns and had then burnt them down!

We then looked at some Roman artefacts and had to become archaeologists in order to work out what they might have been used for. Some of them were quite tricky to work out although some of them were very similar to items we use today. After this we went to visit the hypocaust and learnt about the central heating system that would have been in rich people’s houses and in the public baths. We all really enjoyed this trip as we saw many things we had been learning about in class.