Woburn Safari Park

On Monday 29 September Reception children went to Woburn Safari Park to learn lots of interesting things about zoo animals. We were all really excited as we got on the coach and went around the park. We saw large and small animals wondering around. There were giraffes, lions, ostriches and tigers. One tiger came really close to the coach and we got to see all of his colours and patterns. We were so excited by this that we got the opportunity to explore other animal patterns and how these help the animals. We had a very busy day: some of us fell fast asleep on the way home!

Following on from our trip to Woburn Safari Park, we decided to use what we had learnt about the animals in class. Firstly, we decided to write about our school trip and share which animals we saw. Then we used different materials to create our favourite animal mask. Have a look at the photos and see if you can work out which animals they are.