Year 3 Code Kingdoms Workshop

On 5 November we welcomed Daniel O’Sullivan from Code Kingdoms to Manor Lodge. He spent the day with Year 3 showing them the virtual world that has been created to allow children of all ages to catch the Glitches and make their way to the Rocket! Once the children had become familiar with the main aim of the game, Daniel showed them how to create their own worlds and games using blocks of programming code (as shown below).

Year 3 were all very excited by this and some managed to produce some wonderful games for others to play. The best part is they can continue the fun at home; with the logins they have already, or by creating a new one, on the Code Kingdoms website: and develop lots of new worlds for their character to move around in. In addition, there will be some time to explore the programming side during Year 3 Computing lessons in the Spring Term.

Learning the skills to develop this kind of game is invaluable for all areas where logical thinking and problem solving are required. The new Computing Curriculum aims to arm children with these skills and at Manor Lodge we are embracing these additions.